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NSSF supports Cute & Cocky Multi State Tour for African American Women Shooters

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Nikkita Gordn, Owner of Cute & Cocky Firearm Accessories and Apparel based in Georgia, applied for the NSSF Hunting Heritage Trust Grant 2022. The purpose of the Cute & Cocky Tour 2022-2023 is to continue to educate women on safety topics, products and introduce them to target shooting or hunting. We asked her why her goal was to promote African American women being introduced to shooting sports outdoors. " The goal of the tour is to make black women feel more comfortable with going to the gun range for practice with firearms for personal protection and recreation. In our Cute & Cocky Club Facebook Group we have 1.6k members in multiple states interested in getting reactivated or learning beginner techniques for being a gun owners. We even have Gun Range Owners and Firearm Instructors interested in partnering with our tour to help women with training indoor and outdoor. I wanted to have funding for the tour that will help these women with training costs, ammunition, deciding which firearms and products to carry with. These are the things women are concerned with when it comes to a black women first time visiting the range. " -Nikkita Gordon

Black women are the fastest growing demographics in the firearm industry. Our Tour reaches them in ways traditional means of reach has not been able grasp or penetrate this market. The Tour has been in Nashville, TN, GA, New Orleans, Las Vegas, NV and plans to head to Florida, Texas and Alabama next. Alongside promoting getting outdoors for shooting sports and hunting, we promote our products that are consistent with concealed carry. The most popular product for casual carry has been the FRS -Hoodie, newly invented concealed carry hoodie by Cute & Cocky allows you to carry concealed a subcompact or compact firearm for protection. It's uniqueness allows women to wear on college campuses, jogging, cycling , and indoors like stores,movie theaters. They even have a blazer holster shown above in figure 1 FRS-1 , it is a sew in apparel holster but also can be bought with an adhesive back for attachment on furniture, in vehicles and more.

As the Tour Continues, women are participating in the tour actitives locally in Carrollton, GA and other states. The owner stated the next major events will be in November 2022, Exhibiton at Industry invites where more women of color will be invited to attend, shop and shoot.

Cute & Cocky has launched a shooter's log just for women to track their shooting experience and document their journey. It's available to women at

Stay tuned in with the Tour Dates and location at

Instagram: Cute. Cockyfirearmapparel

Facebook: Cute& Cocky, LLC Facebook Group: Cute & Cocky Club

LinkedIn: Cute & Cocky

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