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NRA Announces Cute & Cocky as 2021 Exhibitor at 150th Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Houston,Texas


Cute & Cocky exhibits at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits with unique Concealed carry Apparel and Holsters designed for women and Law Enforcement. This year's exhibitor includes a diverse selection of women and law enforcement products designed by a woman. Cute & Cocky brand and products have entered the firearm's industry blazing, catching national attention fro viral marketing online within Facebook and Instagram groups. The NRA has confirmed, Nikkita Gordon the Owner will be set up at Booth #3354, next to outside of the gun collectors area. This will be a minority owned brand that has made it to the big league with Top Brands such as , Sticky Holster, Uncle Mike's , Galco Holsters and Crossbread Holsters. #NeverbeCompromised #cuteandcocky #NRA #EXHIBITOR

Holster Selections at Cute & Cocky's booth will include On and Off body carry, Practical and Functional design the New and Patented designs work for most lifestyles. They carry a Concealed Carry Hoodie (FRS-Hoodie) with built in holster, for ambidextrous draw. Also the brand is known for its Sew In Apparel Holster (FRS-1) the holster has a maximum retention design that can be sewn into the inner linning of any business blazer or outerwear garment for deep concealment. Alongside their signature products Cute & Cocky, has partnered with Cameleon bags to provide women with a line of fashionable concealed carry purses.

FRS-1 Apparel Holster

Visit Booth #3354 for purchasing at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits September 3-5, 2021

Houston, TX. or Visit their website at

Social Media Pages

Facebook: Cute & Cocky, LLC | Cute & Cocky Club

Instagram: Cute. CockyFirearmApparel

Use Hashtags #cuteandcocky #neverbecompromised #concealedcarry #NRA

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