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  • Which size firearms fits the FRS
    FRS - fits most Compact and Subcompact handguns. This product is best used with single stack 9mm and .380 Firearms with 1-2 inch barrels. The use of large sized weapons may affect the funionality and discreetness of the product for Concealed Carry
  • Installation Instructions
    The product is to be sewn in by a profesisonal seamstress or tailor for correct installation. 1. Choose your garment of choice that is sturdy. 2. Take product to the alteration professional to be sewn inside the inner linning of your garment 3. Product must be sewn in properly for maximum retention. 4. Pratice drawing from system Do not directly Sew the product through the apparel, this may cause damage to the apparel outer appearance. (Leaving the product to be dectectable by on coming threats)
  • Is the FRS Machine washable?
    Yes! The product can be washed Reframe from continous washing of product, this may cause the retention process of the system to become weak. Additional backing would need to be purchased.
  • How long does the material lasts?
    The FRS is made of Heavy Duty Elastic and can last up to 6mths-1 Year We recommend that you monitor the conditon of the product to be able to identify when there is a need to replace either the Base or Retention System of the product! Use product for its intentional purpose and with suggested firearm sizes for effective use of product
  • Are there any physical locations I can purchase Cute & Cocky products in my area?
    Currently all products are sold online. We are working with local retailers to identify the best locations for our products to be available. Also we are always open to suggestions and offers from new retailers
  • About FRS
    This product is Patent Pending and in process of being issued to the owner. Any reversal engineering is prohibited.
  • Is the FRS HOODIE machine washable?
    Yes! , Feel free to wash as needed. The FRS-1 Holster inside the hoodie is permentantly installed. If there is a need to replace the retention system inside, you can purchase a Warranty to repair any damages.
  • How long does the FRS Hoodie Last?
    Like most hoodies, the FRS Hoodie is durable and should stand the test of time! 2-3 Years should be a reasonable time before replacement is necessary. Or you can by a different color when avaiable and have two. Let us know how long yours last for you, we are always open to feedback!
  • Can I go through a metal detector with my FRS Hoodie?
    Yes , Its a hoodie. If you have your weapon in the holster at the time, then no. The detector will detect your weapon.
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