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Cute & Cocky Reloaded 2022

New Holsters, 2A Events and Industry News, Holster Collaborations in the Firearm Industry 2022


"Never Be Compromised" Women Gun Owners Nationally struggle with finding the right holster to fit their lifestyle as a new gun owner for personal protection and self defense. Cute and Cocky does just that provide concealed carry license holders options that fit their EDC Firearm.

Cute & Cocky Holsters has partnered with Houston Gun Holsters LLC to be an online dealer of handgun , shotgun and rifle cases, including IWB , Kydex holsters and Belts for Concealed Carry.

This partnership allows the women more selections for ON BODY carry which is the most preferred method of carry. Nikkita Gordon, Founder stated" Women should be able to carry their firearms in a discreet and fashionable manner, this extension to our ON BODY concealment Accessories and Apparel line allows us to share new reliable ccw products".

Are you looking for new and reliable ways to protect yourself from criminals? Or Store/Transport your firearm to and from the range. Try out the new extension of holsters for Houston holsters on Cute & Cocky websites. Designs are geared towards responsible gun owners seeking on body carry options. Discreet carry allows you to have the advantage over anyone attempting to attack or assault you.

#Neverbecompromised with @cuteandcocky,llc and @houstonholster products to carry or transport your firearms to and from the range.

Our options allow gun owners to decide which carry option works best for their life style. We are excited to announce this year's partnership, more women have options now no matter size differentiation or firearm choice. Choose the holster that fits your firearm and lifestyle.


Carefully designed and manufactured for concealed carry on day-to-day use close to your body. Safe, easy and comfortable; this line of holsters combines the soft texture of the eco-leather with the precise hold of a flexible metal clip. The interior is suede lined to protect the guns surface. Available for most types and sizes of guns fames (Pistols and Revolvers/ Right and Left Handed)

Tactical Belts, GUN CASES and MORE!!!.....

Black /Carbon Fiber

- Premium IWH Kydex Holsters available now on at

Holster Fits Firearm Frames



RIFLES/SHOTGUNS-DELUXE THERMOFOIL CASES - Our NEW line of DELUXE thermofoil cases fit breakdown, folding and ready to use shotguns, as well as scoped and unscoped rifles. Specially and carefully designed to protect your guns. - Reinforced stitching. - Different sizes to fit a wide range of guns.

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