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Cute & Cocky Company Updates & Announcements FALL 2021

Thank you everyone for your continued support for our company as we as a nation continue to strive to keep our businesses open. We are informing our value customers and supporters or our changes for our website, updates on orders statuses and events. Our company is striving to provide the best service and quality products to our customers nationally.

Our website will be updated midnight at 12:00am on September 5, 2021, reflecting our primary products and select outside products that promote safety and self protection. We will be reducing our catalog to show the products that are produced in house to reduce shipping delays due to Covid. We are creating new tabs for easier access to products that are sponsored on social media to give fans the popular products they are seeing online. We are updating our refund policy to support the encouragement for faster delivery times from our facility to your door steps.

Due to high demand for our unique line of products, Orders in process that were stalled due to manufacturing will be sent for delivery the week of Sept 6-10, 2021. Please be sure to check your email for updates and communications from our team. Thank you for your patience.

All events will be posted online on our website and social media pages. Please stay connected and subscribe to our page. Our most recent event " NRA ANNUAL MEETING AND EXHIBITS in HOUSTON, TX has cancelled and we plan to move forward with other events in our tour line up including, Meet and Greets, Special Events with Firearm Instructors, Hunters and Pro 2A women and men nationally.

This event has been cancelled due to covid safety precautions. Please follow us for updates on new events.

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