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NEW: Firearms Industry Viral Challenge (#24QuestionsChallenge)

The newest wave of online learning and training has sparked a challenge for gun owners, firearm educators and instructors all over America.

The hottest challenge to online now, is the #24Questionschallenge this challenge calls on experienced trainers, instructors and even long time gun owners to submit there answers to a list of 24 Questions that are listed on the company Cute & Cocky's page. On 04/16/2020, the owner Nikkita Gordon released a video requesting input on the questions she said she had gained over the years of becoming a new gun owner. She state " the knowledge I gained from Firearm Experts and Instructors have impacted my life and safety". She believes there will be high participation, and maybe someone will actually answer all 24 Questions!

The challenge is a invite to " Gun Owners of America", this includes millions of armed American citizens and Military personnel. The impact of the challenge has thus inspired hundreds of thousands of gun groups, firearm brands, women safety , and shooting groups to share their input by answering these 24 questions. In return the individuals and companies have a chance to win a newly released FRS Hoodie by Cute & Cocky for a member of their team . The hoodie is one of a kind with a built in firearm retention accessory (FRS-1 by Cute & Cocky) inside with a unique Velcro latch in the front that allows for easy access to any small compact handgun. Individuals can submit an entry on their challenge page and a winner will be determined by originality and shares. The company is using the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order to drive a online challenge to share knowledge among new and experienced gun owners.

Instructions to the infamous challenge can be found on the official Cute & Cocky website at , this is how you can view all 24 questions. The rules suggests anyone is open to participate but must have valid and logical understanding of the topic they are answering the question on. Questions range from ammo, holster options for women, elderly home defense, body armor, and even concealed carry for college students. Nikkita thought about a lot of the real life challenges that most gun owners, new or prospective gun owners may want to know the answer too. Tune in by following both hash tags #24QuestionsChallenge and #NeverBeCompromised

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