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24 Year Old, Nikkita Gordon Create Holster Brand for Women

Women nationally struggle with finding the right holster brand, now it has been made easy for them with the newly invented apparel holster by Nikkita Gordon from Albany, GA

Her Company Cute & Cocky has been attracting attention on a national scale after launching in 2019


After experiencing a predatory encounter near campus, Nikkita Gordon at the time a 21 year old Sophomore at the University of West Georgia. Nikkita decided she would take her safety into her own hands and design the first of its kind a detachable Apparel Holster (FRS-1). She knew the best thing to do as a legal adult was to purchase a firearm for self protection. The next step would be to have a way to carry on body and have easy access to her firearm.

After getting training and networking with women to find the best solution, she discovered the best option is to have it inside her own jacket. That's when it hit her, to manufacture a holster for women that can be sewn inside their own clothing. Nikkita decided to learn to sew and master the art of concealing a firearm for self protection.

This was only the beginning, with the help and support of women nationally, Nikkita has launched her own Holster & Fashion Brand Cute & Cocky. It has been able to allow her to travel and network with Certified Instructors Nationally to help her learn to protect herself and share her story to help more women.

In her newest venture , Cute & Cocky has taking a stance to sell 1 million holster to women gun owners to support the women safety and to advocate for legal and licensed carry for law abiding citizens. Although her products are promoted to women, she also cater to Law Enforcement and Military with her custom holsters and apparel that has been a unique product that can be useful for on and off duty situations.

Nikkita has been setting the tone in the 2A community as a strong African American Young Woman advocating to get women trained, to connect them to the right instructors in their states and also provide them with gear to keep them safe. Her Motto is " Never Be Compromised"

In a situation where a criminal may plan to harm you, your goal is to defend your self at all costs.



VIDEO CREDIT - Schiller Productions

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