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2019 Women's Concealed Carry Alliance Announcement- Women-Owned Holster Companies

Cape Coral, FL — October 3, 2019 —The Women’s Concealed Carry Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of its website and alliance community!

The Women’s Concealed Carry Alliance announces the launch of their website –  

Led by Kristen Franke, the WCCA is a collaboration of women business owners from the firearm’s industry whose main focus is to bring high quality concealed carry solutions to more women. We’re calling all women to join us, sign up, it’s FREE to be a part of this exciting community.

The WCCA is founded by a group of women entrepreneurs who have united their businesses and strengths to assist others in their walk to becoming self-reliant. Collectively, these women have over 25 years’ experience selling their products to the gun industry, primarily women.  This alliance creates a resource for ladies looking for empowerment, support, encouragement and products as each one blossoms to be who they were created to be with confidence.

“We each started our small businesses to help women in crisis.  And now we want to combine forces to not only encourage more women to learn about personal safety but also provide them with the proper resources,” said Marilyn Smolenski.

"Women are not victims, #Neverbecompromised"- Nikkita Gordon

“Through this partnership, we plan to reach more women, provide more resources, create a community and support for women in their endeavor for real solutions,” said Jan Wolbrecht. 

The WCCA includes six established women-owned businesses including Packin’ Neat (Kristen Franke), Cute & Cocky (Nikkita Gordon), Hiding Hilda (Dawn Hillyer), Nickel & Lace (Marilyn Smolenski), Dark Alley Denim (Joelle Orem) and Incognito Wear IX (Jan Wolbrecht). 

“From first-hand experiences, we know the struggles of finding women-specific concealed carry options.  Why not supply these options in one place and allow these industry leaders to share personal experience and insight,” stated Kristen Franke.

The Women's Concealed Carry Alliance is a collaboration of women in the firearm's industry.  Real women who created businesses solving the unique challenges they faced in their own lives for concealing a firearm and or protecting themselves and loved ones. Joining forces, these female-focused companies have partnered to launch the Women's Concealed Carry Alliance.  It’s a collaboration with a focus on bringing high quality concealed carry solutions. Look for more from the Women’s Concealed Carry Alliance.

“Come join us in this mission, sign up today!” It’s FREE!


PR Contact:  Kristen Franke, Packin’ Neat

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