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Cute & Cocky Hosts Realtor Safety and Women's Defense Virtual Online Event

Women Empowering Women to practice Self Defense and sharing the importance of Realtor Safety in 2021. Event Link Here ----->

On January 22,2021, Cute & Cocky Hosted this year's first ever Virtual Realtor Safety and Women's Defense event at Shot Spot Gun Range in Carrollton, Ga.

Moderated by Owner of Cute & Cocky Nikkita Gordon, She invited Cindy Sellers, Licensed Realtor at Seller's Group Real Estate Firm and Keller Williams Realtor Partners in Atlanta. She works in the Georgia and Alabama area. Cindy spoke on being a female realtor and how her profession has been impacted by criminal violence against women realtors. Cindy spoke on her personal experiences that lead her to become a firearm owner and take up self defense techniques to prevent attacks on herself as a professional real estate agent. Cindy has years of experience and shared how important it is to be prepared and to #Neverbecompromised

"Realtor's have to ensure their own safety when showing and qualifying prospective clients. Women Realtors should carry a firearm or other self defense tools to counteract any criminal attacks or unwanted interactions with clients."


Women's Defense start's when the woman is training properly and aware of her current level of awareness for potential danger. For Women's Defense we interviewed Deborah Pierce, who is an Emergency Room and Trauma Nurse employed by Grady Memorial in Atlanta, GA. She is a Certified Pistol ,Self Defense and Martial Art Instructor with SWAT Training. We love her she is a Tactical Nurse. During this online event, Deborah shared the importance of learning our to physically defense yourself when you come in contact with someone intends to harm you. She also demonstrated the best methods to counteract a attack with defensive tools, hand methods and in tight cornered situations.

Deborah shared her experiences of having being chased while in Atlanta after work. She shared how it was her constant awareness of her environment that lead her to sense that the situation was escalating. Deb said this experience was very frightening and employed her to want to share this experience with cute and cocky during the interview.

" Women need to learn Self Defense Techniques and Firearm Training Today. They need to train everyday, they need to stay alert at all times because you never know when a criminal will take his chance at attacking you."


Together Nikkita, Cindy and Deborah talked and demonstrated the best techniques for today's women seeking information self defense and realtor safety. This event was an online event hosted by Shot Spot gun range providing a private event for protection due to restrictions on in person events. Event Link Here--->>>

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