The FRS-1 is a patent pending sew -in firearm apparel holster. It can be sewn into the inner linning of an outerwear garment  or attached to velcro for a concealed carry  hidden pistol pouch and positioned for easy top- left or right- hand draw. 


The holster body is made of industrial VELCRO with extended 3 and 1 inch bands to help mate it closely to upper torso to maintain maximum retention, discreetness and comfort. 


Adapatable to Body Amrmor as a hidden Firearm Accessory



The holster inside fits most small compact and sub-compact handguns with 1- inch barrel width.

(Fits: Glock, Smith & Wession , Ruger, Taurus , SCCY  small firearms)


This custom designed apparel holster has been created for everyday gun owners, professionals, off duty Law Enforcement  who carry concealed for self-protection while continuing with your daily routine.



FRS-1 Firearm Accessory

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