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Cute & Cocky Official 2019 Dealer Agreement and Application
We are proud to announce we are launching our Domestic Dealer Program to accept dealer applications from Ranges, Sporting Goods Stores, Hunting Stores and Law Enforcement Retailers.  This Dealer program uses discounted pricing to enable dealers to resell with favorable margins. 
Become an Elite Range Store with exclusive Concealed Carry Holsters, Firearm Accessories and Apparel by Cute & Cocky/CCFIREARMAPPAREL
Products Available 
*FRS-1 (Sew In Firearm Retention System)
*FRS- Hoodie (Concealed Carry Hoodie for Everyday Outerwear)
 Call for Application
 An application must be submitted prior to placing a wholesale order with
Cute & Cocky.
 Submit Your Information To Become A Dealer  Today!!
Get a Quote for a physical or online store Today!

Thanks for Submitting! Responses will be as soon as possible. 

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